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What We Are All About!

Innovation Culture Group is an innovation consulting company dedicated to helping our clients focus on business results through innovation.  We work to increase expertise and impact in our training programs.  We work to deliver high-impact projects and strategy that has a built-in skill transfer element.  Our commitment is that you will get proven tools and strategies that have been used to help teams build high-quality, new ideas for exponential growth, competitive advantage or operational efficiency.

Our Core Values:

  1. Creativity and Innovation is one of the most important forces in creating advances in the world. 

  2. Inherent in each person is a deep well of creativity and it is up to us to find ways to understand, appreciate and unleash each person’s unique creative strength.

  3. Creativity drives growth and those who have an innovation culture can harness that creativity to contribute toward innovation and impacting the organization's goals 

  4. The top 21st Century Skills are Creativity, Collaboration, Critical-Thinking, Problem-Solving, and Communication.  We focus on operationalizing those skillsets through innovation to enhance business goals.

Our Core Approach

At Innovation Culture Group, our core approach is to bring world-class innovation expertise from a wide variety of backgrounds to our clients.  Our innovation consultancy firm consists of experts in both business innovation as deep expertise in systematic inventive thinking, design-thinking and lean start-up.  


We believe that you should start your innovation journey with us with a results-focus.  In our talent development stream, we put individuals and teams on a roadmap towards obtaining expertise that will enhance their ability to lead innovation sessions that produce results (not just learn about it).  We believe that when you learn to deliver results from innovation, you continue to move your organization towards a long-term culture shift. 


Whether you are looking to SKILL-UP your innovation expertise , GET UNSTUCK in complex projects or THINK DIFFERENTLY about your strategy, we are committed to delivering high-octane innovation results connected to business goals! 

Impactful Innovation


  1. Identify key areas and topics where you need change, then apply the method to achieve results.

  2. Practice certain skills and behaviors that help you think and act differently, in an effective way.

  3. Co-design structures and mechanisms that will help innovation become consistent, systematic and reliable.

Certifications and Partnerships

Don’t Do Innovation: 

Learn To Think Differently

We help individuals and teams build actionable innovation skills so they can drive business results.  Our innovation training services empower people with proven, evidence-based tools and techniques for accelerating change, driving growth and solving problems creatively.   


You get a replicable process based on our actionable innovation platform to:

  1. A process to clarify and expand the challenge/opportunity

  2. Ideate with a proven process designed for short sessions

  3. Learn a consensus-based idea selection process

  4. Develop an action plan for implementation and knowledge-sharing


Our Team