Why Us?

Looking for a leading innovation consulting firm?

When you’re looking for the best innovation agency to help you out, it can be a challenge to select the right one. 


When people speak about innovation, they sometimes think of it in terms of new product development, new tech, or continuous improvement projects.  To produce innovation or new value for your organization, it is critical to better understand what you what to accomplish. This is a critical distinction when selecting consultants. 

Are you well on your innovation journey?


Have you already put support systems, processes and people in place to support your innovation strategy?  You may want to look at adding specific new tools and approaches as you continue to develop your talent.


Are you just starting your innovation journey?


You may want to start your journey with an innovation assessment of your business capability and what you hope to accomplish with your innovation investment. Many organizations prefer to start by getting a lay of the land and gaining first-hand knowledge of the different innovation approaches and understanding how it might best work for you.  Working with experts in that train in traditional design thinking, agile, lean start-up or systematic inventive thinking may assist you in learning what drives most results for you.   

There is a wide spectrum of innovation consulting services, that span from business-oriented programs – which prioritize short-term financial returns and topical projects – to talent development programs – which aim instead to create shifts in behaviour and develop long-term innovation capabilities. Most of our clients have preferred a combination of both to fill in the gaps and ensure you are starting off with business goals at the foreforont. Many of our clients have preferred a combination of specific innovation expertise and business planning to help provide the whole picture.


Our approach at

Innovation Culture Group

At Innovation Culture Group, we aim to combine the best skills from both worlds. Our innovation consultancy firm consists of experts in both business innovation as deep expertise in systematic inventive thinking, design-thinking and lean start-up.  


We believe that you should start your innovation journey with us with a results-focus.  In our talent development stream, we put individuals and teams on a roadmap towards obtaining expertise that will enhance their ability to lead innovation sessions that produce results (not just learn about it).  We believe that when you learn to deliver results from innovation, you continue to move your organization towards a long-term culture shift. 


In our services stream, we work with teams who want to work on a specific project or strategy.  Working with us, you can get immediate ROI on an initial project and then design how to best utilize what you have learned to move your organization towards a culture of innovation.

Regardless of where you start, we have experience in both B2B, B2C and Social Innovation puts us in a unique position to serve you.


Overview of types of innovation consulting

What are some of the selection criteria you should take into account when deciding which innovation agency you want to work with?

  • Experience of the innovation consultants

  • Specializations in a particular methodology or general experience

  • Client portfolio

  • Sector Focus

  • Flexibility in approaches

  • Stage in your innovation journey

  • Departmental or Corporate focus


IDEO, What if, Fjord, The Moment, etc.

These types of innovation agencies have a strong background in design thinking methodologies. In their innovation teams, you can often encounter service designers, human centered designers or business innovation consultants with hands-on design skills.

SIT, FlyWheelBusiness, Start2Think

These types of innovation agencies have a speciality with systematic inventive thinking methodologies.  Their teams are specialized in the methodology with broad application across industries and departments.


Innosight, Strategyn, Fahrenheit 212, McKinsey, etc.

The best business innovation consultancy firms are not specialized in just one discipline but cover a wide range of capabilities.

Strategy & innovation consulting in this category, are often more focused on business model innovation, new branding or marketing concepts.  Compared to the previous group, more innovation consultants in this category have a background in innovation management, marketing or economics. Other related agencies are Happen, The Doblin Group or Continuum.

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