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Do You Have What it Takes?

How well positioned are you to deliver on innovation? Conventional wisdom says you need to think outside the box more. You need to ideate more broadly. Be unconstrained in your thinking! However, there is a significant amount of scientific evidence that indicates that inventors, entrepreneurs and innovators can achieve far more effective results, more quickly by doing just the opposite; thinking inside the box. 

In this, the first of a six-part innovation peer group series, we will explore Systematic Innovative Thinking (SIT) and how this methodology can focus and accelerate your innovation. To make this session one that will transform your thinking and potential business results, we are bringing in Yoni Stern, a world-renowned practitioner of SIT as our keynote speaker from Israel. Yoni will share his insights from helping companies like Disney, GE, Intel, and Procter & Gamble deliver better innovation with key thinking tools and templates. In addition, Marguerite Fleming one of the few practitioners of SIT in Canada, will provide her perspectives on practical use of HumanGrid’s Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator (ISPI) to build a better team and leadership for your innovation. 

Why You Should Join

Session outline:

Presidents, CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, Business Unit Leaders, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs who are responsible for taking their innovation efforts to the next level. Leaders who are looking to de-risk and quicken their technology innovation processes, and have faced some sort of disruption from competitors and/or losing market share will benefit the most from this peer session. 

  • What Canadians are missing in the race to commercialize innovation

  • Key elements of the Systematic Innovative Thinking

  • Practical lessons learned in working with some of the world’s most prolific innovators

  • How using innovation archetypes can improve your innovation outcomes

  • An introduction into the ISPI and its benefits

  • How to map your team and yourself against the proven ISPI

  • Insights on selecting your innovation team

  • Practicality versus vision in innovation

Session benefits:

  • Be one of the first in Canada to learn about Systematic Inventive Thinking and its benefits using practical examples

  • Insights into analyzing and measuring the innovation capabilities of your team and yourself

  • Learn how to build better teams with essential leadership skills needed for innovation

  • Access to optional exclusive professional innovation measurement tools and consultation - at cost 


Join Us for this exciting opportunity to explore actionable innovation in practice.

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